It would be nice to begin by mentioning how I come from a long line of bohemian artists … but that’s not quite true.

I’m a first born, a child of the mid 70′s, a son of the suburbs. My father was a bank manager and my mother was your typically devoted domestic engineer. I was born in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, raised in South East Queensland, and I live in Melbourne’s Inner North – home for me is anywhere along Australia’s East Coast. I have a brother who is a primary school teacher, a shaper of little minds and I have a sister who implements humanitarian projects in some of the darkest parts of the world. I take photographs.

I haven’t always been a photographer. I use to be a chef, but unfortunately I was never offered my own TV show, and so I decided it was time for a change. When my father passed away in the mid 90s I inherited his vintage fox lined leather gloves and his Nikon FM2. Aesthetically, it was a beautiful piece of equipment, strictly hands off when I was growing up, and completely beyond my rudimentary understanding of photography. However, in inheriting it I was determined to master it, if only in the hope that I might inherit a small part of my father’s view of the world along the way.


By the time I was accepted into the VCA in 2002 I had given myself over entirely to photography. I had begun to imagine that life was a series of loosely related 6″x4″s . In 2005 I completed my BFA (Photography). I flirted with food and architecture photography for a few years, without any real success, before a chance encounter in 2008 led me to meeting Matt and Nic Bugden, who simply said “We’re getting married in a couple of months and we’re looking for a non wedding photographer”. I had my first clients.

I’m not sure if their decision to book me was born of desperation or courage, but it proved to be a watershed moment for me. I quickly realised that there was a need for the kind of work I was producing; that I could be a photographer of weddings without being a “wedding photographer”. It wasn’t all immediate success – there was a ton of hard graft and a lot of quiet months, but I appreciate the busy times now all the more for it. And I still approach every wedding with the same excitement, planning and respect that I did that first Saturday in December 08. It may sound cliched, but each commission really is an honour; it validates both my work as an artist and me as a person.