How would you describe your style?

I'd simply describe my style as honest, relaxed and acutely observant. I'll provide you with all the shots you would expect to receive, but the real gold for me lies in delivering a collection of images that capture parts of the day that you were probably unaware of at the time.

How far out do we need to book?

At least 36 months out.
Sorry, just a joke! I'm not one to use fear to entice people to book me - yes, some dates book out quite far in advance, but at the same time, with a cap on 35 weddings per year, I might just be available next weekend. My advice is look around, meet with a few of your favourite photographers - when you've found your person you'll know. And at that point, book them immediately!

Can you hold a date for us while we decide?

Unfortunately dates can not be held. Until a deposit is received, all dates are considered free and available.

Do you offer videography?

I do not, however if you look at my preferred vendors list, you'll find my favourite local videographers, all of with whom I enjoy great collaborative relationships. If you haven't considered before, it is essential that you do find a photographer and videographer who have worked together previously, or who at the very least, have complimentary styles and approaches.

I'm having a "Content Creator" shooting all the bts stuff on the day - how will you work with them?

Umm, in short, I won't :)
I guess I'm opposed to the notion that one of the most important days of your life should be reduced to "content". My approach relies on me remaining completely inconspicuous, and hopefully unnoticed so as to capture every part of the day as naturally and as unguarded as possible. Having a maniac on the loose with the newest iPhone demanding people perform the latest viral dance kinda flies in the face of what I'm trying to achieve. But hey, if "content" is your thing, no hard feelings, have great day.

We're really awkward in front of camera - any tips???

As of the 2024 season, I'm only offering Full Day Coverage, and one of the inclusions is a 90 minute portrait session ahead of your wedding day so that we can address just this problem. You'll find it so beneficial in reducing any anxiety you have about having your photo taken and you'll even walk away with some great shots of the two of you prior to being married. The biggest tip I can give is to just ease into it, don't sweat the little stuff and try and remain completely connected to each other throughout the day.