My Approach

Photographs are not memories, but simply portals to a moment passed -

for the memories themselves must first exist in you...

I believe the single most important part of any wedding is the community that comes together to celebrate with you.

Weddings after all are a declaration of love, an intimate declaration at that, and the family and friends that you gather to witness this declaration do not arrive by accident! These are your people, and more often than not, many of them have travelled an enormous distance to be beside you on this day. They have seen you grow as a couple, and, in the case of your family, have been there for you ever since you took your first steps in this crazy world.

My priority as your photographer is to ensure that you make the most of your time with them on your wedding day.

This is where your memories will be created, in the laughter, in the conversation, in the reminiscing with your loved ones. Understand that this in no way detracts from the importance or care put into your portraits - we all want those "hero shots" to look back on in years to come, when we were looking incredible and feeling like anything and everything was possible! But the portrait element of the day needn't take 3 hours and require 4 locations. If we've planned well, we can get what we need in 45 minutes to an hour, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the company of the multitude of faces that have come to see you rock this phase of life together!